Alno Inc Decorative Bath Accessories

Alno A9030-AEM soap holder

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Alno Inc is a successful name among the decorative and creative bath accessories in the Northern America. Made from the best materials with many attractive finishes for the metals as well as the glasswares, Alno Inc makes quite a good impression in the customers.

About Alno Inc

Alno Inc has been passed on through many successive hands from the original owners to the recent owner, Jack Fase. After his untimely death in 2015, his wife Jan Fase took over as the President of the company.

The Alno Inc has been known for the dependable customer service which is more important than just selling quality products. Apart from the customer service, the company also holds on to quality and dependability. The company thrives on main values such as,

  • To develop unique and proprietary designs for the product categories. It manages to stay ahead of the taste in the market, rather than going through the flow.
    To have individual product suite that has a broad assortment of choices in size and design. Each category is yet coordinated with somewhat identical and unique.
  • To maintain a closer relationship with the customers and make them feel home and to take their opinion into consideration in making new designs as per the demand.

Alno Products Finish

  • Alno products metal part comes in various finishes, numbering to 23 in total. There are,
    Antique finish in English, English matte, nickel, pewter and polished looks.
  • There also is Barcelona, simple bronze, chocolate bronze, dark bronze, rust bronze, Venetian bronze and white bronze finishes.
  • The dark iron, simply iron, black matte, gold, distressed nickel, rust look, pewter, satin nickel makes the choices wider.
  • The polished looks are available in nickel, brass, and chrome, in addition to the polished antique.

Alno product categories

The Alno products range through all the categories among the bath accessories. Right from the cabinet knobs to the towel rods, all kinds of bath accessories are available with many choices to choose from. There are

  • Alno Cabinet pulls must be the most used metal accessory in a bathroom or kitchen. They come in many designs and styles. These designs are also seen in Alno Inc. The cabinet pulls give a thorough finish to the interior designing. A miss matched pulls or knobs can make even the greatest design look bleak. The shiny finish of the metals will add grace and makes it look perfect. These pulls are the jewels of the bathroom to embellish the room in its perfection and also add sophistication to the cabinets

    The Alno A511-SN style cents 128mm pull is metallic coming in stain nickel finish. Finishes are also available in polished chrome, polished nickel, and Venetian bronze. This cabinet pull is curved to allow space for the hand. The installation is concealed. The dimensions are 6 ¼ inches long with ½ inch thickness and 1 1/8 inches width. The weight is just 3 oz for each piece. These cabinet pulls are sold separately and not in pairs or groups. It is easy to install and is durable.

  • Grab bars in a bathroom is needed when it has a separate shower area or the tub inside it. These bars and its brackets also come in style. The grab bars brackets from Alno offers stylish finish to make the bathroom look elegant.

    The Alno A8324-PC contemporary I grab bar brackets is 3 inches in diameter with a smooth finish and edges. The weight of the grab bar bracket will be 2 Lb for each piece and is sold in pairs for both the ends of the bars. The product is eligible for the manufacturer warranty. The finishes available for the metal grab bar brackets are polished chrome, polished nickel and satin nickel to match the other accessories inside the bathroom.

  • Medicine cabinets are part of the bathroom in many countries and this is where we keep all our sanitary, hygiene and medicines. The design of these cabinets will have to complement the room décor and can be quite challenging as well. Alno offers many stylish medicine cabinets with metal frames and finishes with glass or mirror attached on the doors.
    Alno Inc All Bathroom Accessories

    The Alno series 3000 stainless steel cabinet body with framed door and 170° hinge is one of the popular designs from Alno. This medicine cabinet has inner shelves made of glass. There is also mirror to the back of the door and to the background of the cabinet body inside. The mirror doors have ½ inch beveled edge and operate smoothly with the help of the 170° European hinges. The body of the cabinet is made of durable stainless steel. The mounting kit, ganging kit for the cabinet can be purchased separately. The dimension of the medicine cabinet is 15 inches wide with 25 inches in height. The cabinet is 4 inches deep with the door having comfortable grip.
    The finishing of the body is available in the combination of stainless steel with satin nickel, stainless steel with bronze or stainless steel with white finish. The unique feature of this medicine cabinet from Alno is that the door is reversible to be opened for left or right handed.

  • Mirrors make most of the impression about a bathroom. It adds light to the bathroom from the reflection and also makes the room feel larger. There are any numbers of designs and styles in the bathroom mirrors to make the bathroom interior complete and unique. Alno Inc offers many such options from oval shaped mirrors to no shape mirrors. Mirrors with or without frames and the one that has a mirror on the mirror. Each design has its style and advantage.The popular among them is the Alno 2559-102 creations series creation 35 x 35 inches mirror. The creations 35 x 35 inches sized mirror have got a smaller mirror mounted over it to add style. The edges of the mirror are wavy with but roughly make a square shape. There are no metals added to it to embellish. It is just a plain mirror. The product comes with warranty coverage for nay manufacturing defects.
    This mirror on mirror can be used anywhere inside the home. This will highlight any area. It can also be placed in the corridors, bedrooms or simply to have a décor piece on any wall. This will add more space to a smaller looking room.
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    also have designs and styles. They come in many metal finishes to complement the other interior items. Alno offers many designs for these shower rod brackets. The Alno A9146-PC regency shower rod brackets are designer brackets with a diameter of 2-11/16 inches with a projection at 1-5/8 inches. The weight is just above one pound. The product is sold in pairs with 2 brackets for the two ends of the rod. The shower rod is sold separately. The brackets are available in polished chrome, polished brass, satin nickel and bronze finishes.

  • Soap holders are another important accessory needed in all bathrooms. The soap should be at a convenient accessible place with no messing around. It should stay dry and clean. It is one item that cannot be placed over the counter without any support. The soap holders come in various designs that enables to keep the soap on the wall mounted unit or that placed over the counter. Alno Inc has both the designs and the most popular among them is the soap holder that can be fixed over the counter.
    The Alno A6835-PB-NL Luna counter top soap dish with glassware can be placed over the counter. It stands above for a few inches and comes with glassware to keep the soap. The product seems like a soap dish standing on a small leg like structure. The total dimensions are 2.75 inches long, 4.4 inches wide and 3.5 inches in height. The weight of the product is just 1.45 pounds. The glassware is placed on a metal leg that comes in an unlacquered brass finish. The polished brass polishes chrome, polished nickel satin nickel and bronze finishes are also available for purchase. The glassware has also got a small leg like extension to drain the excess water.

  • Tooth brush holders/tumblers are essential for the bathroom to keep the brushes clean and hygiene. While sharing a bathroom, there has to be a proper place for the toothbrushes, without utilizing much space. The best option is to have a wall fixed toothbrush holder with a tumbler where you can keep the brushes as well as the toothpaste. This will keep the brushes separate and help drain the excess water and keep it clean and dry. The wall mount toothbrush holder can also be a decor to the bathroom. Alno Inc offers many such items and one of the most popular is Alno A9170-PC Regency tumbler holder with tumbler.
    This Alno A9170-PC Regency tumbler holder with tumbler is part of the Regency collection and has got a polished chrome finish. The shiny finish compliments the transparent tumbler. The unit is wall mountable with a small handle extending with a circle to hold the tumbler in place. The height and width of the product is 2-11/16 inches with a projection to the front of 4 ½ inches. The product weighs just above one pound. This product is eligible for the Alno warranty extended by the manufacturer to the original purchaser. The product is also available in polish brass, bronze and satin nickel as well.
  • Towel rack shelves are an important accessory especially for the bathroom that are shared. The towels of the individuals must be hung separately to allow drying. There are many designs in the towers rack shelves with the number of racks in each shelf.

    The Alno A8426-24-PC contemporary II design towel rack is 24 inches long. It has a total of 5 shelves, 4 at the upper tier and one at the bottom. It comes with a contemporary finished look in polished chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel and bronze finishes. The height of the towel rack is 7 inches and measures 9.75 inches in width. The total weight of the product is 4.5 lbs. the installation screws will be concealed to give a better finished look. It is wall mounted. The product is eligible for manufacturer’s limited warranty.

  • Tissue Holders are yet another necessary commodity in a bathroom and possibly the most neglected one. Many do not give much importance to the style or design of these tissue holders, but they can also add elegance to the room and complement the other accessories as well.

    The Alno A7660-SN contemporary III tissue holder is a mountable product. It is made of metal and comes in finishes satin nickel and other two finishes such as polished brass and polished nickel. This unit is 7 ½ inches wide and 1 7/16 inches in height. The projection from the mounted surface would be 3 1/16 inches. The total weight of the unit is just 1.4 lbs. it is easy to install and the screws will be concealed behind.

  • Vanity shelves are a great storage unit for the bath items that are used more frequently. The items like face wash, moisturizer, shaving creams, etc, need to be readily available. Placing them over the counter will crowd the area and here comes the vanity shelves become more convenient. The vanity shelves can be fixed near the vanity area at an elevated position to allow easy access to these items and yet not crowd the counter top. Alno offers many such vanity shelves with glass and metal fixtures. There are many sizes available for the glass vanity shelf and the one mentioned here is more comfortable with sooth edges.

    The Alno A8650-24-PN Aria 24” glass shelf with brackets is a compact shelf for a small bathroom. The shelf has metal brackets with different finish options. The brackets come in polished chrome, polished brass, polished nickel, and satin nickel. As mentioned in the product name, the length of the shelf is 24 inches with a width of 4 ¾ inches. The projection of the shelf is 5 inches with a glass having a thickness of 3/8 inches. The total weight of the product is 5.8 lbs. the product comes with a limited warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Alno products

Alno products come in quality finishes. In order to preserve the same finish, one must not use any kind of chemicals or cleaning solutions on the items. The metal and glass materials must only be cleaned with the help of pure water and soft cloth. The hard scrub can cause scratches over the material. After wiping clean the products, wipe dry them with a dry cloth. Do not let water residue to stay on the metal as it can wear the material over the period of time.

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