Backlit wall as a headboard makes the bedroom look divine and cozy. Choose white light for a modern look and yellow lights makes a good choice for traditional design.



Ceiling lights

Accent the bedroom ceiling with simple lights or the most modern lights. The only thing to make sure is that it has something different than the ordinary. This is one chance that can make your plain old room transform to a modern chick look. Provide false ceilings if you can or have a stylish or accented light.



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Chandeliers make an all time favourite. If you think that chandeliers belong to the living room or kitchen, you are wrong. These chandeliers and the light from it will make the room look different than before.

LED lights can be economical and make an instant difference in the appearance of the light. Just change all the lights inside the bedroom to LED lights and you will see your room as special. The ceiling lights, spot lights etc are available.

Matching lamps for Bedroom Lighting

Simply sticking to matching colors is no longer enough for bedroom. Even the lighting items should be matched. Try to find matching lamps as floor lamps and pendants or other kinds of light in the same room.

Pendant lights as night lamps

Get rid of the old fashioned side table lamps and replace them with modern pendants. The pendants hanging from the ceiling on either side of the bed makes a style statement.



Spotlights can be used for each wall piece inside the bedroom and take the illumination to a greater level. It gives a well lit image to the bedroom and will also light up the heart and mind of the occupants.

Stylish Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are a necessary item for lighting so why not make it stylish also. A stylish floor lamp with matching colors for the interior makes a great difference to the room.

Under the bed lights are not so popular but a latest trend in bedroom lighting. Depending on the color and type of light used, it gives a different kind of illumination inside. It also makes a good night lamp as well.

Wall scones as Bedroom Lighting

The square shaped, round or rectangular wall scones are all out of fashion. Try to find some stylish wall scones that have no shape and are slender to look. They can make a great addition to the bedrooms and will make it look modern.



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