Besa Lighting

Besa Lighting BEL-1SW-174307-BR Domi Wall Sconce

Besa Lighting brings out the very essence of handcrafted glass into contemporary designs. The new generation homes and offices will only look better with the lighting accessories from Besa Lighting. Lighting is not just about getting some bright light; it has grown beyond, to blend with the décor and design of the interiors, everywhere. Besa Lighting knows the right nerve of this need and brings about many different styles in each category of lights used in different rooms and locations.

Besa Lighting

Besa Lighting has been in the market for over 25 years, creating residential and commercial lights. The lights are designed in Ohio and assembled there itself. The lights are all offering high quality, functionality and selection. The selections range in categories like ceiling pendants, bath vanities, wall sconces, flush mount luminaries, monorail systems, outdoor lighting etc. Few of the popular lights from Besa Lighting are listed below.

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Besa lighting pendant

The pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling with the help of a long metal rod. The light shades are slender and lengthier. The glass shade can be of any shape. The Besa lighting offers pendant lights of the wattage ranging from 60-75. They are usually installed in groups of, preferably odd numbers. Most of the Besa Lighting pendant lights use power saving bulbs like halogen or fluorescent bulbs. There are designs from Chrissy, Pera, TuTu, Bella collections.
The BEL-1BC-4121118-SN comes from the TuTu collections. The glass shade is slender and elliptical with an open at the bottom. The glass is Amber colored with irregular brown and tan colored tones over it. The glass is made by rolling the hot glass over small bits of colored glass and melted together. It is then blown to the desired shape. Simply add it to a dimmer switch to create an attractive and positive mood in the room.

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The pendant lights are usually placed 20 inches apart from each other. They must be placed at a height that does not block the view when a person stands. So choose the right ones according to the height of the ceiling or the counter tops for that matter. The counter tops can have the lights at least 40 inches above the surface. For other places it can be as high as 72 inches for an ideal placing.


Besa lighting mini pendant

The Besa lighting mini pendant is just like a pendant and the light dangling at the bottom. The light will be the terrific solution to bright up any specified area inside the house. The dining table, the island counters or just about anything that requires a focal light. Besa lighting offers dramatic designs on this pendant lighting that can be used inside, in a foyer or atrium. These pendant lights when chosen well can create the desired mood to the room. From Besa lighting these pendant lighting is available in many colors and made with glass, metal, fabric etc. These lights are made in different shapes and sizes as well.

From Besa lighting these pendant lights are from different styles such as Hoppi, Domi, Kona, Kani, Mia, Trilo, SN-Stilo etc. each style is different and unique in make. Hoppi-asymmetric shape that gives a contemporary look to the lighting. It suits almost all kinds of new design homes and apartments. The stem of the light gives more reachability as well. Domi , Kona, Kani, Mia, Trilo is a three piece fancy handcrafted design. Tay Tay is yet another handcrafted glass fixture that has complex curves. It almost looks like an inverted, Grandma’s tea cup.

The canopy of light can be any shaped, and here we will see the one from SN-stilo. This particular light- 1xP-4404MG-SN Stilo, marble grigio art glass light is made of glass that has art work similar that of a marble.

1xP-4404MG-SN Stilo mini pendant : The light source is from a cylinder that is 4 inch diameter, 7 inches high. The cord of the light is provided in 10 ft for adjustable height. It can be a star attraction in a contemporary home. It comes in a mini-kit that comprises 12V halogen bulb and 60W electronic transformer. Other bulb like LED or fluorescent may also be used with this mini-pendant from Besa lighting.

Besa Lighting wall sconce

Gone are the days when we decorate the walls with art pieces. The art is now in the form of wall sconces. The wall sconces are a type of lighting where the lights are kept in such a way that not only provides the light but can also be an art piece itself. The lamp shade comes in different styles, designs and colors. It is also accented with metals. The Besa lighting wall sconces is the practical way to light up the walls of a corridor, patios, living rooms, hallways, baths or precisely, anywhere.


When placed at higher positions, it emits maximum light and covers wider area. Fixing the wall sconces will offer some dramatic effect by concentrating a smaller area. Some wall sconces from Besa lighting uses two optical effect lenses for an interesting up-down lighting effect. The aluminum body can be rotated all around. The lenses can also be interchanged if wanted. The glass shade can be flat, curved or even cylindrical in shapes. The glass cover also has artistic designs over it. The mini sconces are smaller in size with compact lighting fittings and accessories.

Black Damask is an open ended wall sconce from Besa lighting. It uses minimal hardware but shows beautiful textured glass with black and white colors. The interior of the glass shade appears frosted due to the pattern which is etched. The color painting is done on the inner surface which leaves the outer surface glossy and smooth.

Chandeliers from Besa Lighting

Chandeliers are the beautiful lighting with cascading crystals or glittering accessories dangling from the ceiling. It can be romantic, dramatic and accent the interiors. It suits better at the hallways, dining area or anywhere you wish to be the main attraction of a house. Besa lighting offers many choices for you to choose the right one that suits your home, no matter what type it is. The chandeliers from Besa lighting are suitable for contemporary homes or the traditional homes, or some even suits the simple normal homes as well.


The Besa lighting offers chandeliers that are single tiered, two-tiered or even multi-tiered. It also comes with many sophisticated embellishments or has simple designs. They are also available in wide range of prices to suits people of all financial levels. No one is betrayed at Besa lighting and has chandeliers that suit all. Choosing chandelier according to the most important factor, size, has become simple at Besa lighting. One of the most popular chandeliers at Besa lighting is the Feiss FEI-F2950-8BS Coddington 8-light chandelier.

Feiss FEI-F2950-8BS Coddington 8-light chandelier is made with 8 lights that has opal etched glass and a clear silver cord. The canopy of the chandelier is 5.5 inches wide and can accommodate 600 watt Edison lights in each holder. The glass shade is shaped like an inverted tumbler with shaded effect at both ends. The bottom end is opened. Each of the 8 lights is fixed at different elevations to give it an artistic arrangement. These different elevations make it suitable for higher ceilings also.

Light vanity fixture

The lighting inside the bathroom has special importance. The light has to be precise, where it should lit well, and should also illuminate the room well enough. Lighting the bathroom well and at the same time supply some attraction is not simple. Besa lighting has done this difficult task and made up some interesting designs. The light fixings have 3 or more lights in it to cover the length of the vanity mirror. The lights supply the required light for proper grooming at all times. They also required to be task specific and ideal for the space it is chosen. Besa lighting does not disappoint you with any of these and provides enough choice in all of them.


Besa Lighitng 4SW-5612GL-SN Lasso collection 4-Light vanity fixture can be hung above the vanity mirror. This light fixture from the Besa Lighting can be fixed facing up or down as per convenience. The light is 30 inches wide and 6.25 inches high. There are 4 light holders covered by glittering glasses with art work on it. The light shades have satin nickel finish to make it looking elegant. This light is suitable for sloped ceiling also. The product comes with 120 inches of cord for convenient mounting and electrical connection. Care must be taken while fixing a vanity light above the mirror. The light has to be just enough and not overly so.

Besa lighting outdoor fixture

The outdoor lighting fixtures make a good job in nailing all the hard work done on the house or any building, at night. The strategic lights placed at certain points make the house look beautiful and highlights those points that you wish to show off. Besa lighting offers a few options to this purpose to suit the apartments. Unfortunately the list is not big. The options are all almost the same with slight difference in the designs on the light shade.

All Besa lighting outdoor light fixtures have a rectangle lamp shade with window like, dotted or a small white colored rectangle inside the frame. The light shade of the Besa lighting outdoor fixtures uses handcrafted satin white glass. A faceplate has grid pattern that has bronze powder coating is fixed on the glass. It has an aluminum housing that is gauged differently for each product. All Besa lighting outdoor fixtures come from Moto collections. The suitable lighting in these outdoor light fixtures is incandescent bulbs of 60 watts.



Besa Lighting Outdoor post lighting

Lighting is not confined to the interiors or the immediate outdoor walls. The pavements and the gardens also need ample lighting to highlight the plants or ponds etc. Besa Lighting offers abundant choices in the outdoor post lighting. There is wide assortment of styles and shapes to make the outdoor post blend with the style.

The Besa Lighting has outdoor post lighting that is residential as well as commercial. There are lantern shaped lights, globe shaped and lot more. There are lights for all kinds of homes and commercial sites. These outdoor post lights may have one light or more than one in a single unit. Most lights have a protective shade at the top. White colored, antique looking and contemporary designs are all available at Besa Lighting.

Many of the lights have plastic fixtures and some have glass and metal fixtures. There are some other interesting post lights at Besa Lighting. A sleek and slender rectangle with a rectangle shaped hole in the middle. Another smaller opening is given at the bottom for the bulbs. It gives a sophisticated look, thanks to the solid aluminum. One cannot feel but amazed at the designs of those post lightings by Besa lighting.

Ceiling lighting

The ceiling lights are of two kinds, flush mount and semi-flush mount. Both the styles are available from Besa lighting. They come in vast range, styles, sizes and shapes. They are usually used for bathrooms, small rooms, patios, balconies etc. The flush mount ceiling lights stay closer to the ceiling and the semi-flush mounts stays hanging slightly lower from the ceiling.

Besa Lighting Bobbi Collection 2-Light flush mount light

Besa Lighting Bobbi Collection 2-Light flush mount is one of the popular in the flush mount category lights. It has the glass covering designed like marble. The marble glass shade is handcrafted to perfection. It is 12 inch wide and 5.25 inches in height. It accommodates 60 watt medium base incandescent bulbs. The glass shade is simple but looks elegant and can fit in any kind of homes or offices.

The advantages of flush mount lights from Besa lighting are that they are less likely to catch the bugs. They also cover any unwanted marks on the ceiling. It takes lesser space than other lighting. The flush mount lights are less conspicuous.

The semi-flush mount lights are easier to change the bulbs when needed and makes a more decorative item than the flush mount types. These lights are also easily cooled as the heat can escape through the openings on the sides. They can also provide better ambiance as the light is also reflected from the ceiling.

Besa Lighting Spot light

The spotlights from Besa lighting is all about creativity. They are a blend of Besa glass pendants and spotlights. Instead of the plain light shades for the spotlights, the Besa spotlights sport unique designs and flexibility. The base of the spotlights is made with bronze or nickel finish. The spotlights can be mounted on rails. Some spotlights have the light heads that can be hand bend according to one’s need.

There has not been much choice in the spot lights until Besa lighting. Here you will see designs made on glass that covers the light bulbs. The shape of the light shade is also different. The spotlights from Besa lighting deliver innovation and art. They are suitable for contemporary styles. They are flexible and beautiful. One such example is the Besa 1SP-5145CF Nico 3 spotlight.

The Besa 1SP-5145CF Nico 3 spotlight has beautiful glass shade that has copper foil inside. The glass shade is set on a rotating base. The stem is 1.5 inch long and the lamp holder is swiveling. It comes with an energy efficient halogen bulb. The designs can accommodate all kinds of energy efficient lamps like fluorescent, LEDs, halogens etc. The finished product measures to 13 x 7 x 7 inches in length and width. The lamp shade diameter is 3.25 inches.

Swing Arm Wall lights

The swing arm lights are usual for table lamps. The flexibility is to get the light where we want it. The same ease is available with the wall lights and is offered by Besa lighting. The swing arm wall lights from Besa lighting can be used at bed sides. They are also suitable for any room, anywhere. In hotel rooms, one swing arm wall light is placed between two beds, it illuminates both the sides. By getting these swing arm wall lights, one can make more space at the side tables. Since they are swinging, you can push it away if the light is too much at a time. These swing arm wall lighting comes in many shapes and designs. The finishing is also available in white, black or metallic.


Usually these swing arm wall lights move to the left and right. There are a few lights that can move up and down and to the left and right. But most move only from side to side. The light may be facing up or down. The Besa Lighting 1WW-1858MB is a single light down swing arm wall sconce. It is bronze colored, made with steel and brass. Halogen bulb is suitable for this light. 50 watt bulb will be the ideal one. It is meant for indoor use.

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