Culinary Hacks That Will Make You A Kitchen Master – It Worked For Me & Will For You As Well

Master of kitchen is not at all an easy to achieve success compared to attaining a Master of Science degree. I realized this fact only after I got married and constantly worked hard on improving my culinary skills. As a learner I would seek tips and culinary hacks from my mother, discuss them with peers in lunch breaks and even on occasions like get together with friends and family. Today after more than two years of my marriage I had learned plenty of culinary hacks that I think had made me a kitchen master. These culinary hacks had worked for me and will for you as well, so find the most helpful of them listed below.

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Culinary Hacks That Will Make You A Kitchen Master

Don’t Throw Away That Stale Bread

All you have in the kitchen is a baguette or a loaf of bread that is slightly stale and you don’t have time to rush to the store and get fresh breads, just run some amount of water on them and put it in the oven for 5-10 minutes. You will get a fresh and crunch bread loaf. Alternatively, you can also wrap it in a moist towel and then put it in the oven. It will turn fresh and crunchy like you had just baked it.

Grill Fish On Top Of Lemon Slices

When grilling fish it usually tends to stick and also breaks when placed on the grill, but the hack is to put fish on the top of lemon slices and grill it. This will make it much easier to prepare, and you will get that nice zesty flavor as well.

Egg Culinary Hacks

  • Boiled Eggs: To eat boiled eggs you should buy them in advance and fridge them for few days. This will help to peel them easily. However, you just wish to eat some boiled eggs right now and you only have fresh eggs then add a little salt in the water with them and then use a spoon to crack one ends slightly and start peeling the shell from the inside of the spoon. This is unbelievably quick and simple way to peel fresh boiled eggs shell.
  • Edible Eggs Check: Smoothly put raw eggs in a bowl of cold water to check if they are safe to eat or not. If the egg sinks to the bottom, then it is good to eat and if it floats then it is spoil and should be trashed.

Herbs Culinary Hacks That Will Make You A Kitchen Master

  • Freeze Fresh Herbs For Later Use: Like me, if you also love to add fresh herbs to meals then you can easily stock them with this hacking tip. Chop your herbs, place them in ice cube tray and cover them in olive oil or water and freeze them. So when next time you are cooking something, just take out a cube of it and use this fresh seasoning agent.
  • Dry Out Herbs For Later Use: For long term storage of herbs, you can buy herbs in bulk from the flea market and make your own exclusive blend of herbs by drying them out in the microwave. Put your herbs in microwave in 20 second intervals, and keep turning them in between until them gets entirely dry, to the point that you can crush them up.

Plastic Bag For Ice Cream

We all love eating ice cream as dessert, right? But eating ice cream that is kept in freezer turns rock hard and takes ages to melt before you could eat. The simple hack to keep ice cream consistency perfect – place the container in a plastic zip lock bag before putting it in the freezer. Or else you can also place a piece of wax paper over ice cream container before putting it in the freezer. This barrier will help prevent your ice cream getting freezer burn.

Keeping Bananas Fresh For Long

Bananas can get ripen very quickly and keeping them fresh for long is difficult. But no more with this culinary hack, you can keep bananas fresh for long by wrapping the end of the bunch with plastic wrap. For better freshness you can separate each banana and plastic wrap its top. This plastic wrap blocks ethylene gases from releasing out of the banana stem; thus ripening the banana too fast.

Extending Nuts’ Shelf Life

Nuts can make a healthy snack in morning or afternoon. If you keep them on shelf it may lost its nutrition and gets stale. So to help extent nuts shelf life the hack is to freeze shelled nuts. This will preserve their natural oils which may otherwise go rancid at room temperature in long run.

Juicing Citrus Fruits

To get the most juice out of a lemon, refrigerate it first and then microwave it for 15 to 20 seconds. You may also roll citrus fruits before squeezing, cut them lengthwise, and/ or use a pair of tongs to squeeze maximum juice instead of using your own two hands.

Preparing Buttermilk Quickly

If you don’t have real ingredients in the fridge to make buttermilk then you can just add a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice to regular milk. This mixture won’t be as thick and creamy as buttermilk, but it will work the same in creating fluffy pancakes and quick breads.

Soften Butter Quickly

Butter is must use in your favorite dish but what if you are running out of time and want to soften the butter quickly. To keep butter out on the counter for about an hour isn’t exactly possible when in tight schedule so the culinary hack is to grate it with a cheese grater. Or put it in a plastic bag, then take your rolling pin and flatten it. Butter will get soft and you can quickly it. Instead of these, you can also cut a stick of butter into about eight pieces – more surface area will let the stick soften more rapidly.

Prevent Hardening Of Brown Sugar

Brown sugar may often lose its moisture and gets hard over time. To help brown sugar remain soft and scoopable, the hack is to keep an orange peel or a slice of apple along with the sugar into an airtight container. Alternatively, you can also microwave brown sugar next to a small glass of water. The moisture within the microwave will help break up the block of sweetener in the brown sugar turning it soft.

Re-Use Leftover Foods

Freeze that leftover rice, pizza toppings, and grilled chicken from the dinner to use them next day. Instead of trashing these leftovers foods you can make use of them in other meals like casseroles or frittatas.

Creating Chocolate Cups For Dessert

Melt some chocolate into one bowl and then dip an overblown balloon in it, just enough that the chocolate sticks all around the balloon in a semicircular shape. After the chocolate cools down just pop the balloon and take it out. You now have a wonderful chocolate cup to serve your dessert in.

Cleaning Cast-Iron Cookware

To clean your cast-iron you should not scrubbing it with soapy water as it will strip away the seasoning from the pan that is built up from all other dishes. Thus you must clean cast-iron with a salt scrub to remove all stuck-on bits of foods.

Reduce Nasty Cooking Smells From Hands

Often garlic and onion can leave nasty smells on your hands. To neutralize these smells rub your hands with lemon juice, baking soda, or on stainless steel. When your hands touch the stainless steel the molecules in the steel binds with the stinky causing molecules like sulfur from garlic and reduces these unpleasant smells.

Some Quick Culinary Hacks To Help Make You A Kitchen Master

  • Cheese grater can also be used to grate nutmeg as well as butter (a quick fix).
  • Using coffee grinder to make your own blend of whole spice is also a great idea.
  • To prevent waste while peeling ginger root, use a teaspoon instead of knife or peeler.
  • To quickly prepare your own mayonnaise, blend an egg and a cup of oil.
  • Store spices in a tic-tac containers for quick and easy use.
  • Use cookie cutters to fry and serve some creative egg dishes.
  • Use an unscented dental floss to cut soft foods like cheese, Swiss or cheese rolls, etc.
  • Making finger wet will easily help you to remove egg shells from the egg white and yolk.
  • To scramble an egg, whisk it in a mug and put it in microwave for nearly 45 seconds.
  • Use a Panini press to prepare roasted chicken and a waffle iron to make bacon.


All the aforementioned culinary hacks had helped me create wonders in my kitchen making people call me the kitchen master. It had worked for me and will work for you as well. Share with me your experiences and any other culinary hacks that had better worked for you.

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