Delta 9113 Single Handle Pull Down Spray Kitchen Faucet

Kraus 30 Inch Undermount Kitchen Sink has sturdy construction and excellent quality. This sink is manufactured from premium 16 gauge T-304 surgical grade stainless steel with 18/10 Chromium-Nickel content.

Single handle 9113 pull-down faucet for a stylish kitchen with touch2o, Essa collection- arctic stainless finish Faucets add an extra beauty to the kitchen especially with their silhouette and petite designs. Nowadays kitchens are not the same old versions they used to be, but a modernized set up. There are gadgets that understand and behave according to the user. A single touch is enough to do various tasks and there are varieties of such products available. Delta brand focuses on making great products that help people to use water with their innovative technologies. Want to know more about this interesting delta 9113t-ar-dst model faucet then stay tuned and read below every single detail.

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Delta 9113t-ar-dst faucet with pull down spray

Most of the products from delta brand have a beautiful look and great engineering minds behind their creation. They use innovative technologies such as Touch2O that lets you turn on and off the faucet with a single touch. There are other products like showers and other bathroom accessories that help you feel luxury and magic in everything that you chose. After all, a little magic works wonders in a busy life.

Features of delta 9113 pull down faucet

  • Employs Touch2o technology – all it takes is just a touch…touch it on or touch it off
  • TempSense technology color indicator that indicates the temperature of the water
  • You can use it manually using a handle or use the touch functionality
  • Handle helps to adjust flow rate and temperature above the platform and not under the sink
  • Comes with an optional A/C adapter
  • 6AA batteries available in the package
  • Remove Mineral build-up easily using touch-clean spray holes
  • Optional escutcheon( eight inches) included if you wish to pin it with a 3 hole or single hole
  • Lastly, Delta faucet 9113 comes with a five-year warranty

Delta Essa single handle pull down faucet in detail

The Essa Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet with MagnaTite Docking has a great design with a contemporary look and a euro touch to it. It is definitely a treat to the eyes as it has a fine look and class. In addition, when you are busy at work with messy fingers, it is hard to turn on/off the water. With the Touch20 Technology, all you need to do is touch the spout and it automatically turns on/off the water flow. This faucet features a pull-down spray wand and it stays secured in its place with the help of MagnaTite Docking System. It holds the spray and prevents from drooping over when time passes.

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Delta 9113 faucet includes TempSense Technology that indicates the temperature of the water with the changing colors at the bottom of the faucet. Fixing this faucet is easy as it comes with an instruction manual or you can call the customer service for more details. If you are doing it yourself then remember that it comes with an Optional Escutcheon of 8 inches. It allows you to fix the faucet in a single hole or three holes as you need. In addition, the InnoFlex PEX supply lines prevent metal contaminants from entering the water inside the faucet. Talking about the durability this faucet comes with a Diamond Seal Technology. This technology employs a valve with a tough diamond coating that makes the faucet to last up to five million uses.

delta 9113t-ar-dst Customer reviews

To start with, this is no normal faucet and it uses innovative technologies. Let me get talk about the price and take it straight that it is super expensive. Customers who love to use luxury and innovative products fall in love with the faucet. It seriously adds an oomph factor to the kitchen with its stylish female design and classy look. The majority of the customers love this product and according to the reviews, this product is worth buying if you can afford. I even saw a few complaints regarding installation problems. However, the brand delta seems to be very responsive to feedbacks and they are right at the service to their customers. Overall, this product is a great pick for the features offered.


Delta 9113 faucet has a durable build and a stylish design. It stands the test of time with its amazing engineering and innovative technologies. The LED indicators touch sensors magnetite docking and pull-downs features are simply great. Even a kitchen faucet can turn magical if you have a delta 9113 besides.

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