Gatco GC4294 Latitude II 24″ Double Towel Bar

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Gatco is now one of the leading companies that incorporate new and innovative ideas in bath accessories. What makes Gatco outstanding from the other companies of the same field is the customer satisfaction, high quality of the product and the reasonable price at which the newly designed outstanding products of Gatco are sold.


Gatco gc4294 latitude II double towel bar

A towel for a day will not be sufficient for a big family. The stinking smell that comes out from congested wet towels in the bathrooms and toilet will not be that pleasing for us or for our guests.


GC4294 Latitude II Double Towel Bar from Gatco will surely help you to be free from such irritating smells from our towels. This product is double towel bar that will help you to hang more than one towel. This attractive design of this double towel bar is very easy to fix, handle and maintain it for years.

GC4294 Latitude II Double Towel Bar from Gatco measures 24” with diameter ¾” and 5/8”. This is manufactured with solid brass giving it a luster shine and durability. This will cost about $ 53.29. This can be purchased from both online and nearby stores. This product is best recommended for guest bathroom, master and small bathroom as the size will be perfect for big and small towels. The customer review reports that this fits in right providing a rustic feel. For those people who look forward for a change and are in search of a unique product in toilets- GC4294 Latitude II Double Towel Bar from Gatco will help to give a welcome change.

If you place an order through , Gatco GC4294 Latitude II Double Towel Bar will be shipped free of charge on the same business day if the order is placed before 3.00 pm.

Gatco gc819 marina solid brass shower rod set (rod and ends)

Gatco GC819 Marina solid brass shower rod set (rod and ends) are reported the best in the market and are also a very fast moving product. Gatco doesn’t want you to worry any longer about issues associated with normal shower rod sets. Usually the normal shower rod sets will have an unglazed unpolished rod and ends which will provide a poor finish and can also lead to pricks or cause injury in us. They have a chance to rust which will avoid the product to last forever in your bathrooms.


Gatco GC819 Marina solid brass shower rod set (rod and ends) is made up from solid brass which is polished all over the surfaces to provide a rich feel. The company categorizes this product to be from one among the Marina collection. Gatco GC819 Marina solid brass shower rod set (rod and ends) is a very well made rod that comes in two main parts.

Gatco GC819 Marina solid brass shower rod set (rod and ends) is the best among the Marina collection and the set includes both rod and ends. The product is included in Gatco limited warranty. The product is very good in this price segment. GATCO GC819 Marina solid brass shower rod set (rod and ends) is corrosive resistant and wear resistance. The most advanced manufacturing technique from Gatco has lead to the introduction of their finest products into the market which makes a stand for GATCO GC819 Marina solid brass shower rod set (rod and ends) as NO 1 in the market.

Many people have remodeled their bathrooms with this product and have received a high rating in the market. GATCO GC819 marina solid brass shower rod set (rod and ends) is outstanding from the other products due to its sleek design which is very attractive and beautiful and seals against the wall perfectly and its is also waterproof in nature.

Gatco gc4245 latitude II robe hook

Gatco GC4245 Latitude II Robe Hook is a new advanced product from the company Gatco . It is a small product where we can hang out our clothes easily or to hang any other bathroom or toilet accessories. Gatco GC4245 Latitude II Robe Hook measures about 2 3/10” height x 2” width x 2 2/5” depth. This product has been rated good among the customers as they are very easy to install even without a help of a professional expert. This well designed accessory has been helpful for many users as it is safe and durable. Gatco GC4245 Latitude II Robe Hook brushed nickel finish and sleek design blend with any kind of interior décor. One of the cons that are reported is the hex nut which is hard to tighten.


Gatco GC4245 Latitude II Robe Hook is a very well designed hardware making it more versatile from the other similar products. This can be fixed in children’s bathroom, guest bathroom and even in the main master bathroom. This can be used to hold robes to even thick bath towel. Gatco GC4245 Latitude II Robe Hook comes with limited lifetime warranty which signifies that this product will have enough durability for the amount you have spent on it.

If you are planning to place an order, ordering it through will provide necessary arrangements to ship the product on the same day. The financial offers that are provided are – PayPal Credit where you are free to enjoy no payments period for about 6 months.

Gatco gc1436c charlotte 22″ height floor standing tissue paper holder

Are you tired of fixing and using the plastic paper holder that falls off each time? If so, go for Gatco 22″ Height Single Bar Floor Standing Tissue Paper Holder. If your bathroom is not fitted with a good toilet paper holder, Gatco Company has come up with the right solution.

Gatco 22″ Height Single Bar Floor Standing Tissue Paper Holder will be surely one of the attractive looking gadget in your bathrooms. This is ideal for both big and small sized toilets as the size that is not that large. This sleek and modern design will require only a smaller portion of your toilets to fit in as this is designed as free standing. The weighted base of this toilet paper holder prevents it from tipping like the other plastic forms. This floor standing forms of toilet paper holder will surely match your inner décor and will surely help to bring a functional and elegant look in your toilets and bathrooms. As it is free standing product you need not require a help of a professional technician to fix it in your toilets and you can easily shift it from one place to other. Gatco GC1436C Charlotte 22″ Height Floor Standing Tissue Paper Holder which falls in the charlotte series has a dimension of 8” Base width x 3.5” depth x 22” height. This is polished completely using hand polishing techniques. Unlike other products, this is completely free of rust and other technical problems. According to your toilet inner appearance, you can choose this product. This mainly comes in chrome, satin nickel, polished brass and oil rubbed bronze. This traditional and unique style from Gatco promises an inviting and a pleasant visual appeal of classic modernity.

Gatco gc801 tiara & marina collection solid brass shower rod

A separation from the tub or shower with the other area of the bathroom will always make the toilets look superb in appearance. For such a separation a shower rod is a must which has to be installed with a help of a technician.


Gatco GC801 Tiara & Marina Collection Solid Brass Shower Rod is a specially designed product from Gatco that is suitable for enclosed tubs, claw floor tubs and free standing tubs. The size of this product is of 1” diameter, 6 feet length. This product will require a bracket which has to be purchased separately. Gatco GC801 Tiara & Marina Collection Solid Brass Shower Rod comes in a 2 piece construction. The 2 piece construction gives a unique feeling and it gives a good structure to the product. The company classifies Gatco GC801 Tiara & Marina Collection Solid Brass Shower Rod under tiara and marina collections. This is the most selling product in its category. Customers review is very good and has a high rating in the segment.

Gatco GC801 Tiara & Marina Collection Solid Brass Shower Rod is suitable in many places including bathrooms, suit rooms, hotels, washrooms etc. The hooks present in the Gatco GC801 Tiara & Marina Collection Solid Brass Shower Rod is very useful to make separations with curtains which make us easy to maintain wet and dry area in the bathroom. People usually find it useful because of its easy way to use and to fit. The Gatco GC801 Tiara & Marina Collection Solid Brass Shower Rod is made from solid brass which has high strength to avoid any resistance or weight impact. The Gatco GC801 Tiara & Marina Collection Solid Brass Shower Rod is readily available in the website or in local stores.

Gatco gc4690 channel collection 24″ towel bar

Gatco GC4690 Channel Collection 24″ Towel Bar is a product exclusive from Gatco which can be used in every area of home, bathrooms, washrooms, hotels etc. It is a channel collection of Gatco. Gatco GC4690 Channel Collection 24″ Towel Bar has a length of 24 inch and is of three fourth inch diameter tubing.

The company Gatco provides a life time warranty for the product. Gatco GC4690 Channel Collection 24″ Towel Bar is available in satin nickel finish and polished chrome finish. This is a straight bar which can be attached easily to both ends. Gatco GC4690 Channel Collection 24″ Towel Bar has a good rating in the market. As it is made up of good raw materials, it is very strong and corrosion resistant. This towel bar can be easily attached anywhere in the house. Many people buy Gatco GC4690 Channel Collection 24″ Towel Bar for remodeling their bathrooms. There are many other products in the segment but this has a high stand in the market. One can buy this towel bar through online or local stores. Gatco make this product with high quality standards which makes the product a true value for buying. Gatco GC4690 Channel Collection 24″ Towel Bar can be adjusted to fit to any walls in our homes. It is good enough to resist heavy loads of weights. It is available in a price range of 28.93 dollars to 35.02 dollars.

Gatco gc5239s marina collection rectangular beveled tilting wall mirror

Gatco GC5239S Marina Collection Rectangular Beveled Tilting Wall Mirror is a finest product from Gatco which is from their Marina collection. It is a wall mirror which can be attached to any walls. The beveled margin of the mirror gives you high protection from being injured and also provides a finest smooth elegant finish.


Gatco GC5239S Marina Collection Rectangular Beveled Tilting Wall Mirror is rectangular shape with 23 half inch width and 31 half inch height. The Gatco provides this wall mirror with a limited Gatco warranty. The most unique property of this wall mirror is that it can be tilted. This feature will provide a easy usage of mirror. It can be adjusted so that people with any height or in any position can see the image clearly without any blur or shade. The smooth finish makes it more beautiful. The axis of rotation or tilting is made easy with the highest quality accessories for a smooth tilt. Its better always to look at the tilting axis of the wall mirror so that if any damages are found, it can be avoided by returning the product. Gatco GC5239S Marina Collection Rectangular Beveled Tilting Wall Mirror is made with high quality mirror which provides a good clarity image. This can be attached to any walls in your house, rooms, and bathrooms or in hotels. The stylish finish will provide a rich look when placed in your rooms. Gatco GC5239S Marina Collection Rectangular Beveled Tilting Wall Mirror is available in polished chrome, bronze and satin nickel. One can purchase the wall mirror from online stores or local stores for a price of 106 dollars. The prize can vary from each store. It can be used everywhere especially in guest bathroom, large bathrooms, master bathroom, small bathroom etc. Gatco GC5239S Marina Collection Rectangular Beveled Tilting Wall Mirror is very beautiful, high durable and versatile. It has a high quality in its function. The tilt angle can be easily adjusted by our hands. It has a high rating in the market.

Gatco gc1562 latitude II minimalist mirror


Gatco GC1562 Latitude II Minimalist Mirror is another good rated product from Gatco. It is a minimalist mirror which is in rectangular shape. This rectangular shape helps in reflecting the image of the object completely. It is Gatcos latitude II collection. Gatco GC1562 Latitude II Minimalist Mirror has a 22 inch width and 30 inch height. The most unique property of Gatco GC1562 Latitude II Minimalist Mirror is that it is frame-less. This gives a less complicated structure to the mirror. The product has high quality performance. It has a high rating in its segment in the market. Gatco GC1562 Latitude II Minimalist Mirror is mainly available in two main finishes- Satin Nickel and Polished chrome. Both the shades are selected and manufactured such that it will easily blend with any interior forms of your bathrooms irrespective of the size and color.

Gatco GC1562 Latitude II Minimalist Mirror can be used anywhere in your house or hotels in guest rooms, large bathrooms, master bathrooms or small bathroom. It is very easy to install and has very high rating in the market. The edges are smooth which makes the mirror more attractive. Gatco GC1562 Latitude II Minimalist Mirror is very easy to install. Most of the customers have reported very good rating on purchase and use of this mirror. To clean Gatco GC1562 Latitude II Minimalist Mirror all you require is a wet and dry newspaper. Wiping the mirror with wet and then dry newspaper will give a very clear image of the object.

The Gatco mirror is a good type of minimalist mirror available in the market. One should take adequate measures while installing to avoid any damage to the mirror. Gatco GC1562 Latitude II Minimalist Mirror is readily available in online stores or any local stores. This will cost $132.46 when you purchase it through providing you many financial offers. This product of Gatco is included in the Gatco Warranty.

Gatco gc1484 universal toilet brush holder

Though a toilet brush may be stuffed with whole lot of bacteria and other microorganisms, the storage of this essential accessory of our toilet should be in a good gadget. Gatco has considered this fact and developed toilet brush holder named as Gatco GC1484 Universal Toilet Brush Holder. This cylinder shaped product helps in stuffing the toilet brush holder in a better place helping it to be free from other parts of the toilet. This product from universal collection comes in 3 main shades which allows you to choose your favorite and the one that suits well to your interiors. The finishes include polished chrome, satin nickel and bronze. The cylinder shaped container also contains a closed lid where the toilet brush hangs.

The designing and styling of Gatco GC1484 Universal Toilet Brush Holder is done in simple and elegant style giving it a unique and attractive look. This can be used in guest rooms, master bathroom, large bathroom and even smaller bathroom since this product does not utilize much of space. The sleek design of the Gatco GC1484 Universal Toilet Brush Holder helps in placing it in a corner giving space to place other gadgets in the toilets.

The manufacturing of this product is done with so much care that the canister has a plastic lining which will help in protecting the inner metal of the cylinder shaped Gatco GC1484 Universal Toilet Brush Holder making it totally unique from the other similar products in the market. Though this product isolates toilet brush from the other areas in toilet, it is best recommended to be placed in toilet corners itself.
The retail price at which this product is sold is $42.00. If you are planning to purchase it through you will get it for $30.45 where you can save $ 11.55. They also provide financing offers where you can enjoy no payments for about 6 months.

Gatco gc4297 latitude II minimalist towel rack

Yet another contribution from Gatco- fine bathware for those who are tired of stuffing more than one towel in a single rack. The design of Gatco GC4297 Latitude II Minimalist Towel Rack has helped it to be one of the attractive gadgets in your toilets. This product is from latitude II Collection. It mainly consists of 6 racks which will help you not only hang your towels, but also your clothes to make it dry. A 7th rack is designed in the downward direction from all the 6 racks. This makes it unique in its design from the other products in the market. The dimension measures are perfect such that even big towels can be hung up straight without any folds. The size of the Gatco GC4297 Latitude II Minimalist Towel Rack turns to be 26” wide x 5” height. This product from Gatco is mainly available in two main finishes- satin nickel and polished chrome. These two shades were manufactured for Gatco GC4297 Latitude II Minimalist Towel Rack as it will be easy for it to be blend with any interior décor of your toilets. This Gatco product has helped many customers to handle towel storage in the simplest form. This helps to makes the towel storage display so simple, handy and even convenient. Pulling of one towel from the whole bunch is easy now as it won’t disturb the other towels. This design of Gatco GC4297 Latitude II Minimalist Towel Rack is very easy to install. As it has a secure base with strong materials and has very good hanging capacity, you no longer have to fear about the withstanding capacity. One of the cons of this product that is been reported is that the towel bars are too forward placed. Gatco GC4297 Latitude II Minimalist Towel Rack is mainly recommended for master bathrooms. As the main purpose of this product is to hang towels in more numbers in a neat and better manner, this will require more space to fulfill the function. Gatco GC4297 Latitude II Minimalist Towel Rack is reported to be an attractive addition to your bathroom. If you are planning to make a move to purchase Gatco GC4297 Latitude II Minimalist Towel Rack, you can get it for $91.35 from earning a discount of about $34.65. They provide daily offers and many financial offers like no payment and no interest if paid in full in 6 months. They ensure the customers are delivered as soon as possible with the best quality of Gatco available in the market.

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