How to Perfect Your #Shelfie Game? Five Easy Ways To Perfection

Oh yes!! #Shelfie – is a picture or portrait of your bookshelf which showcases your magnificent love for books. Whatsoever bookshelves styling you have at home, sharing its picture on a social media makes you proud. But still everyone would love to perfect their #Shelfie game. Wont You? Yes. This is because styling your books shelves is most certainly getting popular today. You may have reasonably always considered your bookshelves as merely a place to hold your books, perhaps today creating a stylish look of them and sharing it with the popular hashtag is getting trendy. To elevate and perfect your #Shelfie Game, here I am to share with you the five easy ways to perfection.

#Shelfie Game

It is said that the types of books you own indirectly tells a lot about your personality. #Shelfie Game is a way to share a part of your personality with the thing you have in the home. Look at the five easy ways to perfection your #Shelfie Game.

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Bookshelves styling must contain both – your books as well as personal objects. But here the main focus must lay on the books themselves rather than other objects – however it depends on personal preference. Selecting books and deciding the system to arrange them is also ultimately your choice but the below five easy ways will help you get to the perfection.

Laying Books Pattern

You can select your books to reside on the #Shelfie by bifurcating them into groups such as its colors, alphabetically or by genre. Next you can decide to put your books horizontally, vertically or in a mixed pattern. My way of perfection is to lay few books (3-5) horizontally in a stack so that you can have some space on the top or place them vertically. You can also employ this pattern within a single shelf or across the unit or on one shelf have all the books running horizontally and another have all the books laying vertically. This mixed pattern would look wonderful.

Placing Objects

Apart from books your #Shelfie may include large, medium and small objects which look trendy and appealing.

You can select few larger objects and place them relatively dispersed within the shelf. This means it won’t be perfect to keep two large objects sitting next to each other or in the same place from one shelf to another. Consider objects such as bowls, baskets or large sculptural things.

Include few medium sized objects that must be equally disperse on top of the horizontal stacks of books or whatever place you fit perfect for them. Think of medium objects such as small pieces of artwork, bowls, vases or your picture frames.

Now add some small items to fill in remaining gaps on the shelf. Small items such as tea light votives, air plants or small cups/ vase can be considered. Ensure you layer out your objects i.e. place larger objects behind and the smaller things in the front.

These objects will always look perfect in sets of 3 so keep this in mind and plan the layout of your decorative objects accordingly.

Try adding organic and natural objects also – you can include plants, shells, rocks, attractive branches, feathers, any of these will look wonderful, interesting and easy way to perfection.

Lighting Adds To The Glory

Installing wall sconces will easily add more towards your way to perfection #Shelfie. Fix in few accent lighting to any book shelf and support your eyes navigate all of those book titles. This will simply illuminate your book shelves.

Books All Through The Home

Placing your books throughout your home is another beneficial and easy way to perfection your #Shelfie. Consider putting small book piles all over your home, like putting them in baskets or chests for extra storage. This way you can group your study books, cook books, etc. accordingly and place them in respective rooms. For example, for maintaining balance between the items you expect in the kitchen is like the plants and cook/ recipe books, and a few unseen pieces of antiques.

Blending Into The Wall: To create a unique, easy and perfect #Shelfie you can think to integrate it into a wall. For example in your bedroom, along with your gallery wall and hanging media cabinet you could fit one small book shelf to match it perfectly with your interior and makes a perfect and distinct space for books.

Tips On Easy Ways To Perfection

  • Avoid putting too many things so that your #Shelfie does not look congested and too cluttered.
  • Select objects and items which complement each other in their position and in relation to one another.
  • It is suggested to check your #Shelfie game periodically to observe its overall look and feel and rearrange things whenever required.


I am sure that after following these five easy ways to perfection, your book shelf will get a stylish and perfect look. Now grab your phone, take a pic of your #Shelfie game and share it on social media. Also, share them here for me to know how have you styled and perfected your shelves?

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