Kitchen design ideas For Book worms and Why I have a Book shelf in My kitchen – Crazy ideas which came in handy!

Do you place a bed in the living room? How about a Bath tub in your bed room? Why a book shelf in your kitchen. I know some people would love to read books while in the loo but the kitchen is one place where you get your hands dirty and you don’t want books down there! That’s my point of view 3 years ago.

Kitchen design
Kitchen layout with book shelves

I am not a cooking fanatic, Far from a chef. I cant broil an egg, poach a potato or make a decent cup of tea! But that’s exactly why I buy cooking books. I have 100 odd books from Mexican, Thai and Indian cooking. I love the Indian curries and the restaurants are good but not always. Sometimes I like to make them for my family and friends and I don’t want a computer sitting on my kitchen island. The laptop Is ok but the hell, traditional books are convenient!

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Dedicating a book shelf space in the kitchen Is cumbersome. Most of the ideas which came around were around the island implementations. I loved the way it looked and here are some of the best Island base kitchen book shelves. Well I would have loved to have them over the counter shelves but I think there may be problems with dust and grime. Its important that you have all flammable products away from the cooking area (basic safety). This restricts a major portion of the kitchen in the prohibited zone.

But hey, there are a great load of designs which are not on the island too. The best of them are custom made. These designs are way different from what I thought I would want or even imagined. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit into the aesthetics of my kitchen and had to simply keep them aside. I am sure that a lot of people will be inspired by these DIY kitchen book shelf ideas. And yes, I am inspired by them that I made something completely different from what is on these pictures.

Well there are something’s which you will want to keep in mind while making your book shelves for your kitchen. Have you ever seen some of those book shelves where a book or 2 is popping right out as if it was not meant to be there. Yeah, I had a tea table book from Royal Enfield (I love those bikes) but it had to be shelved while I was getting the tea table redone. Every time I looked at the book shelf, which was obviously small for a large book, I would think, I needed a bigger book shelf. Frankly I have never felt the need of a new book shelf ever since my tea table has been done.

While the book shelf you make is one time, the books you purchase are many. Remember to get the dimensions of the book shelf right. You don’t want to find that the Best book you love for all the best cuisines are not going to fit into your book shelf or is protruding an inch too many from normal! If the book shelf is big enough to accommodate a decent shaped book, well there is nothing better than that. But if you cannot get a shelf that fits just right, you may want to find an alternative, or take the book to your living room or study! The idea of having a cook book in my study is so … Makes me hungry!

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