Must Have Shopping List For The First Week In Your New Kitchen

A dream home or a newly rented apartment and you are totally befuddled where to begin from? Don’t you worry and just go through this write up to get a clear cut picture of what you need the most for the first week.

Must Have Shopping List

A straightforward tiny tip: do not just hurry up and buy anything and everything that you get to see but go real slow and buy only those things which are really necessary. Since you are starting afresh go real slow and don’t end up buying unwanted things which you aren’t going to use in the near future. Once you get familiar with your kitchen you can play the ball in you court as per your wish but till then take a small break.

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So about the shopping list for the first week go for the urgent utilities that cannot be avoided

Cleaning supplies should be the first thing that you must buy as its normal to spill items inside the kitchen and you don’t want to run off with that stock. Since your kitchen is a newly made one or a used one you will surely need to run clean everything from scratch (kitchen tops to utensils) to make it usable. So note down: dishwashing liquids, soaps, detergents, scrubs, dish clothes, towels, garbage bin, garbage bags, broom, mops and rubber gloves. These will sort out your cleaning needs.

Here is a list of tools that can simply your work: hand blender, mixer, chopper, grater, masher, funnel, and spatulas, vessel holder, can opener, cutting pad, measuring cups, knives, scissors, baking items, pizza cutter, juicer, moulds and casseroles. These basic tools can make cooking an easy task so don’t forget them as you will need them sooner or later.

Now coming to utensils it’s a personal choice so I wouldn’t like to comment much on that as every woman likes to pick her own set of choices. So buy utensils like frying pans, pressure pots, dinnerwares, cooking pots and spatulas.

Since you have recently shifted or just going to shift I wouldn’t advice to stock on edible items like spices, veggies, meat and other stuffs. Most of the women out there would like to get some break from the kitchen as her new home badly needs her attention to the smallest detail. So men out there listen to this piece of advice and make your wife happy. Get her favorite food and treat her well until she settles down in her new heaven.

Once you settle down you can go and shop your groceries that you have been doing since ages. Changing a home doesn’t change your grocery list so stay happy and send you hubby to do the task. I remember my mom and dad used to argue over grocery shopping as to who would do that task. Seriously it is such a monotonous task that calls us every month without a break. When I was a child I never used to go shopping groceries with my mom and dad as they would make me carry all the stuffs from the car to the store room as a healthy family exercise. I would run and disappear from the scene.

Okay so I hope you would have got an idea about what to do and where to start from. We crave for perfection when it comes to a dream home but remember more than perfection usability should be given priority.

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