Stay away from these 8 common kitchen design blunders & save yourself time, money, & peace of mind

Kitchen is the heart, life, and soul of the home. It is also the most used space in your home after the bedrooms. If any space requires utter care and patience while designing, it is the kitchen. It is one place where the mistake is once done will stay for a longer time. It would also be difficult to rectify the mistake.

kitchen design blunders

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There are quite a many mistakes that people make while the designing is done. They are simple mistakes but could make you suffer while working there. These mistakes are not major concern but will affect you in the daily life and could also affect the ease at which one could work inside there. Here are 8 of those common  kitchen design blunders, that everyone make. Luckily, with some patience and care these could be avoided for your own peace of mind.

  • Kitchen triangle: let us start with the kitchen triangle. If you are to draw a line between the refrigerator, kitchen sink and the cook top, these connecting lines, most preferably should be unobstructed, easily reachable from one to another. Being the top 3 most used commodities in the kitchen; they must be easy to reach. A refrigerator placed on the other side of the island would be difficult to reach when you need to get something. While designing, keep this in mind and see if they are reachable from one to another without any obstructions.
  • Storage space: The lack of enough storage space and an excess of the same could be equally troubling. Know what you are storing and design accordingly with the capacity and size. If you have a small kitchen you will need all the storage you can get. Make good use of the upper cabinets and under the sink as well. At the same time, just because you have lots of storage space, leaving too much of open cabinets will not be fashionable. Why would anyone want to display all their secrets, is beyond me! Keep it minimal and leave just one or two cabinets for display.
  • Counter space should be adequate. Lack of workable space on the counter is something that cannot be rectified. There must be enough space left after the cook tops and the sink. For small kitchens, take the oven, coffee maker, and the likes to wall cabinets. Get as much space available on the counter top as possible. This will make your work easy. There also are methods to have secret counter space under the existing. If you can manage one, get a pull out cutting board and work space under the counter. I have seen such somewhere.
  • Wrong measurements: Yes, the cabinets blocking each other’s opening, sink closing in on to the stove, squeezed in refrigerator could all happen. Kitchen designing is also like sewing, one must leave some seam allowance to give space for some minor mistakes. Have the oven, microwave, and refrigerator away from a side wall. All these must have some free space to open their doors freely. The cabinet whose door that could block each other is a big no in kitchen designing. Instead, design a corner shelf rather than one each on either side. Keep in mind, all doors in the kitchen should be able to open up freely and if possible all at a time.
  • Lack of enough electrical outlets: The electrical points are another big worry. With most of the appliances work with electricity, the basics do take up all the points and may not leave enough free sockets for other uses. One thing that should be abundant in a kitchen is the electric points, make as many as them, use them when needed and close it with protective plugs when not in use. How difficult would be that? Have the sockets placed even inside the cabinets so use as safe place for you mobile charging. Getting rid of the extension cords from kitchen would be the greatest relief. No one wants to trip over these cords while carrying a dish or coffee.
  • Forgetting the trash: One thing that many people neglect is a place for the trash can. Having a place hidden for the thrash would be great for the looks as well as in eliminating the foul odor from lingering around. Do remember to have a pullout cabin section for the thrash,. If you have more than one type of waste, make provisions for the varieties. If under the counter is not possible make sir that these cans are closed behind some doors. Also make sure to have it closer to the sink and as far from the dining space as possible.
  • Improper lighting: Kitchen needs bright light, period. If you are opting for fashionable lights, do not restrict yourself with one light. All the areas where you frequent, like the kitchen triangle areas should be well lighted. Having separate lights for each section would help save you money and have them closer by. Instead of a single high watt light at the centre use many medium watt lights all around. The lights would also illuminate the kitchen designs. Use highlighters where needed. The LED light strips under the cabinets will give you enough light on the counter tops. A poorly lighted kitchen could diminish the look of the room. Equally damaging is the over lighted kitchen. Kitchen should have plenty of lights but over lighting is a sheer waste of money.
  • Inadequate ventilation: Kitchen can be smelly and the poor ventilation could build this odor. Cooking odors are difficult to get rid of. Hooded cook tops are the latest trend so many are having proper ventilation. If you have an old fashioned kitchen, have a ceiling fan installed or get a ventilator fan at the high wall right above the stove. This will reduce the odors. Make sure you have a window or two in the kitchen near the sink as well as the cooking area.

Much of these mistakes are seen in kitchens that are not designed by the professionals. There is no harm in design your own kitchen but it would be helpful to have a professional help with it to avoid these blunders that could make you regret later. Have a kitchen that gives you peace and calmness.

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