Lights are festive and also magical. The light can magically transform a small area into a larger looking area or room. The backyard and patio lighting are an integral part of the home decoration and must be done carefully. These areas need to be cozy and according to the mood and settings. The best option would be the string lights that can be arranged in any way you want and changed according to the season.  Here are a few ideas that you can try to make a small heaven out of those small or bigger areas in your house.

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Garden pathway: Let’s start with the garden pathway and lighting up this path with string lights all over the bushes, shrubs of the trees will not only light up the way but also accent the plants well enough.

patio string lights

Backyard trees will look beautiful with lights hanging down from them and make it simple but elegant decoration as well.


Cozy effect: The bright string lights provides equal lighting to all over and makes a cozy feel to the area. It will make the cozy area for a personal event or a dugout with friends.


Dinner party: The string lights arranged uniformly makes a perfect setting for dinner party outside and also as an additional lighting with plain lights or colored lights. It can be made to have Parisian effect with only the string lights.


Entrance of your home or cottage will look better and beautiful with string lights and will also gives it an inviting look. This lighting will perfectly suit any styled home.



Fire-pit area or the wooden wall of the backyard can make use of the string lights in many ways, like, at the edge of the wall to give an accent lighting effect.


Highlight the raw walls of the backyard or patio by the string lights. With some of these lights set up on the raw wall, you need nothing else to make the area inviting.

Holidays are definitely incomplete without lights. String lights can light up the entire home in and out, save you energy, and brighten up the holidays.


Porch corner: It is not necessary that the patio need lights on all areas. Lighting up even a smaller area or a corner would also suffice. String lights can make a better statement than others in this case. Hang them over the patio railing or the plants there and you are done.

Rustic patio furnished with old rustic chairs and tables can complete well with the string lights overhead that can be arranged in any fashion you prefer.


Weddings: Lights are all about weddings and parties. No wedding preparation is complete without the lights and string lights make the best option of all. Arrange them uniformly, zigzag or in any shape you prefer.


Last but not the least, string lights make the area simple and elegant.

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