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Zurn Z871A1-XL AquaSpec Kitchen Sink Faucet

Zurn Engineering and Water Solutions is a leading brand in the plumbing industry. Zurn delivers reliable plumbing solutions. There are a large selection of attractive faucets and other bathroom accessories from Zurn. The company was founded in the 1900s, by J.A Zurn which later in 2007 was acquired by Rexnord.

Zurn All Kitchens
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The customer care of Zurn products is supportive and one may contact them easily. There also are a few service centers across the US. It is also convenient to search for the service rep through the zip code search.

The products of Zurn are vast and ranges from kitchen and bathroom faucets to the plumbing parts. The faucets and other parts are all available in different metal finishes. Many of the products are also eligible for the warranty offered by the company. Here are a few products from Zurn.

Zurn All Kitchens Z831B4-XL-P AquaSpec Widespread with 5-3/8″ Gooseneck, 4″ Wrist Blade Handles and Pop-Up Drain

This Zurn All kitchens or bathroom faucet is quite popular and widely available. It comes from the AquaSpec collection of Zurn products. This faucet requires 3 holes for fitting. One for the common Gooseneck water spout and two handles with the necessary cartridges. The center spout is 5 3/8” in length and is swinging to the two sides. This feature makes it ideal for a double sink.

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Credits: http://www.giesendesign.com

The center spout and the handles are connected through pipe that runs to a length of the 6-20 inches for adjustments. The handles may be fixed at any desired length from the center. The metal handles are vandal resistant and are color coded metal wrists. It comes in the polished chrome finish. The handles are 4 inches long.

The cartridges are of quarter turn ceramic disc parts. The aerator has 2.2 GPM pressure. All the hardware for the mounting is provided in the product package. A pop-up drain is also provided that is 11/4” diameter.

Zurn  Z81101-XL AquaSpec Centerset Faucet

The Zurn centerset faucet Zurn Z81101 is beautiful and attractive faucet that comes in a polished chrome look. It is part of the AquaSpec collection. The product comes as a single unit with a common spout and two handles on both sides. The ceramic disc cartridges allow the handles to turn a quarter.

The center set faucet is usually mounted in the center of the basins or sinks. It is made of high quality brass with less lead and complies with all the standards that is required of. This heavy duty metal faucet comes in a body that is chrome plated.

Zurn All Kitchens
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The center spout is 4 inches long and is fixed. It cannot be moved as per convenience. The two handles are color coded for hot and cold water so care may be given while mounting and connecting the respective pipes to the handles. The compatible aerator can withstand a pressure of 2.2 GPM. All the necessary nuts and other hardware are included in the package.

Zurn Z81000-XL AquaSpec Single Control Faucet

The Zurn Single Control Faucet is also part of the AquaApec collection that offers the polished chrome finish makes a great addition to any style of bathroom basin. This single control faucet is made in heavy duty brass with equally made ceramic disc cartridge. It has a 4 inch centerset spout that is curved. The spount runs to a length of 4 inches but has the useful length at 2-3 inches. It has only one handle that complies with ADA.

Credits: http://www.archello.com/
Credits: http://www.archello.com/

The faucet has a temperature limit stop as well. The finished unit has an aerator with a pressure tolerance of 2.2 GPM. The product requires two holes to mount. It has the ½ inch coupling nuts for the risers. The pop-up hole is also plugged in. The product comes with a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Zurn Z6000AV-WS1 Universal 1.6 Gallon AquaVantage Exposed Closet Flush Valve

It is not just the kitchen or bathroom faucets that are available from Zurn. There also are these flush valves to make the bathroom even more attractive. This 1.6 gallon AquaVantage exposed closet flush valve uses less force to work. A gentle pushing down will be enough to flush. It works longer with no leakage. The lever handles are made with heavy metal and has vandal resistant coating. It will not succumb to rusting as well.

The inner surface of this exposed flush valve will not clog easily and can work smooth. There is a triple filtered diaphragm that can prevent the clogging in this AquaVantage series of flush valves from Zurn. It can resist the chloramines and other chemicals from clogging the gaskets and seals. The valve can withstand high pressure caused by any other low quality fixtures connected to it.

Zurn Z867R0-XL-P AquaSpec Widespread Metering Faucet with 5″ Low-Profile Spout and Pop-Up Drain

Zurn Z867R0-XL-P widespread metering faucet with 5″ low-profile spout and pop-up drain is a money saver and attractive looking addition to the bathrooms. The 3 piece faucet set has a low profile spout that is not too high or much curved. The spout is 5 inches long. The faucet is set in the center if the basin and is flexible for a widespread installation. It can be installed from 6-20 inches apart as per convenience.

Credits: http://www.archello.com/
Credits: http://www.archello.com/

The handles are knob like, which can be turned to a quarter with the help of the heavy duty metallic cartridges. The handles have smooth ridges and are also color coded for cold and hot water. The handles of the Zurn Z867R0-XL-P widespread metering faucet with 5″ low-profile spout and pop-up drain is vandal resistant and comes in polished chrome finish.

The cartridges used are metering cartridges that help in timing the water cycle. It can be preset to 10 seconds at the water pressure 80 PSI. The aerator helps conserve water by reducing the water flow to 0.25 GPC.

Then there is the shank filter attached to get the dirt or debris out of the way. There is also a pop-up drain that comes as part of the set. The product meets all the legislation enforced by different states.

Zurn Z871G4-XL AquaSpec Kitchen Sink Faucet with 8″ Cast Spout and 4″ Wrist Blade Handles

Zurn Z871G4-XL kitchen sink faucet with 8″ cast spout and 4″ wrist blade handles is a widespread faucet. The handles can be placed out of the way when not in use. This faucet is from the AquaSpec collection of Zurn.

The spout of this faucet is 8 inches long and is swinging from side to side. This one can be used for a double sink in the kitchen. The handles are wrist blade type made in vandal resistant metal in polished chrome finish. They are 4 inches long and are color coded. The quarter turn ceramic disc cartridges are heavy duty metallic make. The affordable water pressure is 2.2 GPM through the aerator.

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The installation is simple and easy. All the necessary hardware are also included with the product. It has a 3 year warranty period as well.

Zurn Z812A1-XL AquaSpec 4″ Centerset Gooseneck Lavatory Faucet and Lever Handles

This 4″ Centerset gooseneck lavatory faucet from Zurn is comparatively large in size. There are two lever handles. These vandal resistant metal lever handles are color coded for the hot and cold water.

The Zuen All Kitchens lavatory faucet unit is mounted at the center and requires two holes for fixing. The center spout is goose-neck shaped and quite suitable to be used in the kitchen sink as well. The spout is fixed and non-movable so can be used in a single sink only. This centerset faucet from Zurn can be used for a longer period and has guaranteed durability.

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As in the case of many other Zurn products, this Zurn 4″ Centerset gooseneck lavatory faucet is also a part of the AquaSpec collection. It is furnished with an aerator that has a pressure compliance of 2.2 GPM.

The product causes no health hazards and contains low lead content. The faucet is chrome plated and comes in polished chrome finish. It also has a 3 year warranty.

Zurn Z82701-XL AquaSpec Single Basin Faucet with Lever Handle

The Zurn Z82701-XL single basin faucet with lever handle is a single unit with the spout and handles aligned together. It requires only a single hole for mounting. The quarter turn ceramic cartridge disc is made of heavy duty brass. The handle is lever type. The spout is curved in shape.

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Credits: http://g-ec2.images-amazon.com

The spot edge runs a 3 ¾ inches from the lever. It works in cold water only. The lever handles are 2 ½ inches long and vandal resistant. The unit has an aerator that can have 2.2GPM pressure. The unit is easy to install as all the necessary items for mounting comes with the package. The faucet complies with all the legislations regarding the quality and has low–lead reading.

Zurn Z82702-XL AquaSpec Single Basin Faucet with Four Arm Handle

This Zurn single basin faucet with four arm handle is attractive due to its special handle design. The faucet is available in polished chrome finish and the attractive design suits well with the finished look. This single basin faucet is made with heavy duty metal accessories. The cartridge is quarter turn ceramic disc. This product is low-lead compliant with only less than 0.25% of lead in the making. The body of the faucet is chrome plated brass with integral shaft.
The spout if this faucet is slightly curved and runs at a length of 3 ¾ inches. The four armed handle and the spout has a polished chrome finish. The aerator connected can have 2.2 GPM pressure. There are no temperature options and runs only in cold water. The mounting hardware is also provided for an easy installation.

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Zurn Z831R1-XL AquaSpec Widespread with 5″ Cast Spout and Lever Handles

The Zurn Z831R1-XL faucet unit is a widespread faucet. It comes with a 5″ cast spout and with lever handles. The spout is 5 inches long and non-movable. The lever handles are color coded red and blue for hot and cold water. The handles have ceramic disc cartridges that turn to a quarter to allow the water flow.

The main feature of this Zurn faucet is that it can be installed widespread at a distance of 6-20 inches from the center point. The spout and handles are not as a connected unit but three different ones. These 3 parts can be easily mounted on the basin or sink with 3 separate holes. The connecting pipe is long enough to allow distance.

This Zurn widespread faucet is part of the AquaSpec collection and is made of heavy duty metal for durability and reliability. It is low-lead compliant and do not cause any health problems. The aerator is compliant with 2.2 GPM pressure from the air flow. The product is eligible for a 3 year warranty period offered by the manufacturer.

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